Specific -- Organize fundraising events that are designed to target donors who are involved in donating to Berklee, to accessibility and disability-related causes, and/or to music and the arts. These events should also be designed to reach out to potential donors, such as immediate and extended members of the Berklee community.


Measurable -- Standardize the “stickers” system of accessibility services through five consecutive phases, where each is conducted and monitored in a specific branch of the Berklee Institution:

  • First phase: Testing Center

  • Second phase: Caf and mailroom

  • Third phase: Across campus 

  • Fourth phase: Across BoCo

  • Fifth phase: Transition from physical sticker to electronic “sticker” associated with individual ID and OneCard

Achievable -- Standardize the Disabilities Club’s accessibility-related terminology document within SGA and the Berklee community, and share with various departments when necessary for communication. Receive and review the current discrimination standards documents Equity has, and create a finalized set of documents outlining disability-based discrimination and terminology.


Relevant -- Address and track work in response to current access barriers across campus, including (but not limited to):

  • Elevator traffic, repair time, effectiveness, and lack of said service in some buildings

  • Allergen-related concerns and accessible space at the Berklee Cafeteria

  • Masks, policy reinforcement, and spread of illness

  • Alt text across Berklee

  • Perfect pitch class sections


Time-Bound -- Meet with Dr. Lacretia Flash in the early Fall 2021 for guidance on enhancing Student Orientation in favor of Accessibility. Additionally, schedule an extra orientation day for students with access needs and ensure the orientation programming is accessible overall. The final design must be complete and ready for launch by the end of Fall 2021.


Inclusive -- Meet and engage actively with the Disabilities Club at Berklee, as well as related organizations and clubs across colleges and institutions. Extend outreach to student-rights and disability-rights organizations within Massachusetts and throughout the United States. Secure mutual support from and with disability and accessibility-focused communities via petitions and similar devices.


Equitable -- Engage with fellow SGA subcommittees, Berklee clubs, and diverse Berklee communities to address their concerns as they intersect with accessibility and disability-related issues.


- Do you feel represented in this goal? 

- Is there something we are missing? 

- Are there other concerns that you would like us to bring up that are not listed here?