Specific -- To keep students healthy in every facet; mentally, physically, nutritionally, emotionally, spiritually, all accessibly. through campus resources such as public safety, health and wellness, and efficient and confidential exchanges with departments such as Diversity and Inclusion. To help understand that mental health is an access need. 


Measurable -- Have one 30-minute meeting once a week with team members to check in and discuss our goals and to prepare for any meetings with on-call counselors, public safety, nutritional team, Aramark, and DE&I.


Achievable -- Create a centralized document of all emergency and assistance numbers for situations such as mental health emergencies. Meet with the on-call counselor to begin the conversation of creating an emergency mental health team, as opposed to public safety intervening. Work towards allergy awareness (allergy labels on meal cards) and meeting with Berklee, Aramark, and nutritionists.


Relevant -- Students feeling supported and safe on campus with the consistent rise of the mental health pandemic. Better equipped teams for mental health crises. 


Time-Bound -- Create an informational post once a month, shared on Berklee SGA, H&W, Public Safety IG, updating students on our progress and resources. Releasing the centralized document by the second week of October. 


Inclusive -- Holding town halls where students (anonymously or not) can bring their grievances and concerns with public safety and all programs designed to help them. Use the Student Newsletter services to get information sent out in that way to all students once a month after meetings. 


Equitable -- Use information from our meetings to ensure transparency and efficiency with the student body regarding the allocation of resources and how they are served. Hold them accountable with monthly check-ins to ask them what steps they are taking to practice anti-racism and decentralizing their authority. Including all bodies and needs in our conversations in regards to accessibility, identity, and need. 


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- Are there other concerns that you would like us to bring up that are not listed here?

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