Specific -- Produce and release a document with clear information on Berklee’s finances, that details how student accounts and financial aid are managed. Obtain information on how summer credits are being granted to students, and release that information to the student body. 


Measurable -- Create a downloadable, cumulative document that contains accessible and digestible information regarding student accounts and financial aid at both the College and the Conservatory. 


Achievable -- Meet with Mac Hisey at least once during the semester, BEFORE April 1st (when Summer 2021/Fall 2021 registration occurs), to discuss student financial concerns as well as the free summer credits. 


Relevant -- Berklee finances impact every Berklee student and can be identified as the most important factor in whether or not to enroll from semester to semester. 


Time-Bound -- The informational document will be published, and the meeting with Mac Hisey will occur, before April 1st (when tuition payment for Summer 2021/Fall 2021 is due).


Inclusive -- Finances impact every Berklee student in a significant way. Providing information on financial priorities and processes will help all students make informed decisions. 

Equitable -- Information on Berklee’s financial priorities and processes will be provided in downloadable documents linked in Student News, and all relevant websites/media sources, so that all students have access to the information.

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