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Trinity Reyes-Escobar (she/they) is a sixth semester baritone saxophone principal from Cathedral City, California. They are a Music Business/Songwriting major at the College. Last year, she served as one of the Professional Education Division Representatives and is excited for another year as SGA's President.

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Vice President, Conservatory

Alondra Pérez (she/her/hers) is a junior at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee studying Contemporary Theatre. She is from Orlando, Florida and has been lucky to have always been surrounded by music and fine arts. She was trained in theatre and acting at her high school and has branched out to do film in her time at college. Alondra served as the Conservatory Contemporary Theatre Representative last year and is incredibly honored and excited to be SGA's Conservatory Vice President this fall and spring.

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Vice President, College

Scarlet Baker (she/her/hers) is a senior Music Business Management major at Berklee College of Music. Based in Laguna Beach, California, she has received classical training in oboe, English horn, and piano. Scarlet interns with the Pacific Symphony in Orange County, maintains a local private piano studio, and independently hosts ‘Conversations with Conductors’, a series of virtual interviews with prominent local conductors. She is a part of the Music Business Management Club and Classical Music Coalition, and plays with the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra, Berklee Symphonic Winds, Berklee Motion Picture Orchestra, Berklee Scoring Sessions Program, Berklee Film Scoring Studio Orchestra, and the Berklee Musical Theater Orchestra. Scarlet has toured internationally to Moscow, Vladimir, St. Petersburg, and Washington DC with various musical ensembles and anticipates travel will continue to be an integral part of her career in the music industry. She is most excited to return to the concert hall, both to perform in and attend concerts of all genres. Scarlet is honored by the opportunity to act as Vice President of the College with SGA this semester and to lead subcommittee focuses including Institutional Oversight & Finances, Accessibility, and Identity Based Organizations, and encourages anyone from the Berklee community to reach out with any questions, concerns, or any other matters with which she can be of assistance.

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Executive Assistant

Celine Hsu (she/her) is the Executive Assistant on SGA and is currently double majoring in Music Production and Engineering along with Music Business at Berklee College of Music. She is from Irvine, California and Taipei, Taiwan. As a classically trained musician, she plays the piano and the clarinet. She was a clarinetist in the Taipei City Philharmonic and performed in Taiwan’s National Concert Hall. She enjoys scoring for films, composing orchestral music as well as songwriting, producing, and mixing in her free times. Furthermore, Celine acquired experience in managing music and fashion events during her internship in the public relations department at Condé Nast. She also interned at the Webman Group, where she gains experience in publishing and licensing music. She is also currently involved in the Harvard Law School Artist Recording Project. As a passionate individual towards design, she is also the Social Media Manager of Audire Soundtrack Orchestra and Choir and Berklee Jpop Club, managing the creative and promotion sides of the organizations. As this is Celine’s first year on the SGA board, she wishes to utilize her leadership experiences to help the students voice their concerns and better the students’ college life experience with the SGA team.

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Communities Representative

My name is Yessica Calderon (she/her/hers) and this is my second semester at Berklee. I am an alto saxophone player and I'm going to be double majoring in Music Education and Music Business. I'm from a Chicago suburb named Blue Island in Illinois where my love for music began and I can't wait to see what I can experience at Berklee now that in-person instruction has begun. I'm beyond excited to serve this role and be able to connect with the student body and I'm looking forward to this school year.




Brittany McCorriston (She/Her) is a 8th semester bassoon principle at Berklee studying CWP/MPE. Brittany served as the Communities Representative in 2019/20, was an OL leader, and in 2020 was awarded the “Rising Student Leader of the Year Award” by the Centre for Campus Life. Brittany is excited to step into this new role and is looking forward to helping student leaders ensure success in their programming initiatives.

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International Representative

Derek Song is a violin principle at Berklee College of Music studying Music Business Management and Contemporary Writing/Production. He is from College Station, Texas, serving his second semester with SGA. With SGA, he hopes to create an even more embracing community as the International Representative.

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Music Division Representative

Harold Rivas is a 3rd-Semester Percussion Performance Major at Boston Conservatory at Berklee. He was born and raised in Hialeah, Florida, where he was trained in Classical, Jazz, Latin, and popular music. He performs regularly with El Grupo H, a family band comprised of his parents, two sisters, and himself. Harold composes and plays several instruments, and aspires to be an orchestral conductor, music therapist, and film director. He is currently serving as a Music Division Representative on the SGA Board and looks forward to contributing to the continued success of the institution!


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Music Division Representative

I am Vaughn Nesmith. I use the he series pronouns, and I am one of the music division representatives for the Conservatory. I was born and raised in South Carolina. Being that my family is full of musicians, I was always surrounded by it since I was young. I enjoy singing, song writing, cooking, and binge watching shows. I am excited to begin this school term, and I look forward to having a successful year in SGA.


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Conservatory Dance Rep

Kaiti Bachman (she/hers) is a Contemporary Dance Major at the Boston Conservatory and the Dance Division Representative for the 2021-2022 year. She is excited to continue her work on Student Government and hopes to make a positive, lasting difference in the community.

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Dance Divison Representative

My name is Adrian Ruiz. I use the he series and I am this years dance representative along with my other friend Kati Bachman. I am from Northern California and have been dancing since I was ten years old. This is my second year with SGA, which is awesome. I am very excited to work with this amazing team and well rounded thinkers.

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Professional Education Division Representative

Hey, I’m Matt (he/him). I’m a guitar principal and a YouTuber. My goal is to use my influence to motivate and inspire people to chase their ambitions. I joined SGA because I want to help the students who haven’t found their community yet make the lifelong connections that Berklee is known for.

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Professional Education Division Representative

My name is Noga Jenny Rotem Fortus and my pronounce are she/ her/ hers. I am on my 5th semester at Berklee college of music, my position is professional education division representative, I major in music therapy and my principle instrument is piano. I am also the VP of the students with disabilities club, and am very excited to work and represent with the Berklee community.



Musical Theatre Division Representative

Melissa Aliotta (She/Her/Hers) is a fifth semester Musical Theatre major at the Boston Conservatory. She is ecstatic to be serving as the Theatre Division Rep for a second year and is looking forward to making a difference in her Berklee community.

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Student Programming and Outreach Representative

Hey y'all! My name is Kaylee Ellis (she/her) and I hail from the suburbs of Indiana. I'm a fifth semester piano principal & Pro Music major with concentrations in Arranging and Musical Theatre Writing, and I am your Student Programs & Outreach Representative! You can usually find me re-watching my favorite sitcoms, singing loudly and dancing terribly, or camped out at a local coffeeshop, drinking an iced latte and working on a score in Finale. This is my first year with SGA, and I could not be more excited to work with and for the Berklee community!

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Contemporary Theatre Division Representative

Hi, I am Meghan DeRoche. I use the she series pronouns. I am originally from Milwaukee, WI. I am a junior Contemporary Theater major at the Conservatory and I am your Contemporary Theater representative. Some of my favorite experiences at BoCo have been serving as an Orientation Leader and as President of the Fenway Hall Council, and performing in The Wolves with EarthStone Theater Company. I look forward to working with SGA to enhance the student experience at BoCo.

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Professional Writing and Technology Division Representative

Shira Zionce (she/her/hers) is a 7th semester CWP major from Toronto, Canada with minors in musical theatre performance and writing for TV and new media. Throughout her time at Berklee she has been lucky enough to be a SAM, a 5-week RA, and a member of countless other performance groups and clubs. Shira loves collaboration and working with others, and is excited at the prospect of working with faculty members and students to make the professional writing and technology division as well as the greater Berklee community the most inclusive, helpful, and accessible it can be.

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Professional Writing and Technology Division Representative

Hi! My name is Fisher Thompson (he/him), and I'm one of your Professional Writing and Division Representatives on SGA! I reside in Quinnitukqut on Nipmuc land, and I'm a producer, engineer, and songwriter pursuing a dual major in Contemporary Writing & Production/Music Production & Engineering. I'm also president of Berklee Climate Action and student chair of the Berklee Sustainability Coalition. I'm dedicated to sustainability and climate/ecological resistance, as well as intersectionality, and I believe that we can never take shortcuts that undermine these values—in Berklee, or in our global community. I'm fluent in English and French, and can speak Hindi, Japanese, German, Russian, Arabic, and Spanish with varying proficiencies, so drop me a line! It's our responsibility as a university on colonized land that—in marketing our international appeal—we respect all cultures, both in our professional writing curriculum and in sustainability efforts. Please reach out! I'd love to work with you. Have a great semester! / Passe un bon semestre! / एक अच्छा सेमेस्टर है! / 素晴らしい学期を!/ Hab ein tolles Semester! / Удачного семестра! / !أتمنى لك فصل دراسي جميل / ¡Que tengas un buen semestre!

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Professional Performance Division Representative

Lily Marie Antonini is a contemporary and jazz musician that currently attends Berklee College Of Music. She is a performer, arranger, producer, songwriter, composer, lyricist, and more. 
 Lily has several album concepts that she is currently working on which will include original songs and arrangements.  These bodies of work are meant to connect her to her listeners and hopefully help them to bond closer to God, to not feel alone and allow the music to heal -  or just to optimistically dance! 
 Lily believes that music can hypnotize people to see the reality of life and to help the world become a better place. Her music styles are pop, disco, dance, jazz, 80's contemporary, and more. Lily has many forms of Synesthesia which include her to "see" music differently in color and in other forms, as-well as hear, taste, smell, and literally feel the music on her body. 
 Lily has been singing at Catholic Churches and famous venues around Arizona, where she was born and raised, and in the Boston area. Some of these include the Herberger Theatre, The Nash, The Berklee Performance Center, and more for over 15 years. This will be her third semester in SGA as the Performance Division Rep and she is ready than ever! :)


Professional Performance Division Representative

KaitlinRose - Kaitlin Rose.jpg

Kaitlin is from Asheville, North Carolina. She is a transfer student majoring in Performance and double minoring in Musical Theatre Performance and Musical Theatre Writing. She has been a professional actor for the past fifteen years. Her first year at Berklee was at Berklee Valencia and is looking forward to exploring the Boston campus and to being a part of SGA. At Berklee Valencia she co-started a diversity grant project called Light in the Dark to encourage the discussion of mental health on campus, using the medium of musical theatre. She loves good books, obscure history podcasts, writing short stories, watching old movies, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

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SGA Advisor

Rosemary Dowling (They/Them) is the Director of Campus Life and serves as the Staff Advisor for SGA. Rosemary is born and raised in Massachusetts and has worked at Berklee for over 10 years. Rosemary has a Master's degree in Public Administration with a concentration on Non-Profit Management. They have a passion for student leadership development, musical theater, and their family.