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  • Campus Accessibility and Safety 

    • Goals: ​

      • Help clarify to students where to go if they have an issue and what they can do if they feel it hasn’t been addressed.

      • Have one physical accessibility structural goal done.

      • Accessibility Website: Have it updated.

  • Financial Support (Transparency & Clarity)

    • Goals: ​

      • Transparency on where money is going

        • The demystification of the Consolidated Financial Reports

      • How scholarships are awarded

        • Definition of merit

      • Initiative for more financial support

  • Campus Engagement/Visibility

    • Goals: ​

      • Making the members of SGA and their jobs known to the student body

      • Putting on a large scale event to show the members of SGA and the work were doing

      • Outreach to the greater boston community to make berklee as a whole more visible and present in the community. Fostering the next generation of artists

  • Berklee Merger

  • Attendance Policy/ Health & Wellness

    • Goals: ​

      • Processing and analyzing the student feedback and then find a collective goal that students want and steps on how to change the policy

      • How do we approach with mental health crisis 

      • Proactive on supporting students in general (global conflicts) 

      • Wellness events around finals and midterms

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