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Specific -- Ensure that every single student identity-based organization/club is aware that they can have their voices amplified by Berklee's SGA.


Measurable -- Meet with as many Identity-based clubs as possible this semester (in a round-table setting)

Achievable -- Have at least one meeting this semester with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Office surrounding accountability for taking care of their students.


Relevant -- Marginalized students who may not feel they are represented on campus or have the resources to do so. 


Time-Bound -- Meeting with DEI Office before November 2021, SGA/ID Based Orgs. Round-Table Talk before finals week (around two weeks after midterms), Subcommittee Meeting w/ Leadership of Berklee ID Based Clubs at least once per month this semester

Inclusive -- Reach out to, provide support (ie. financial), and give students AND faculty involved in every Identity Based Group/Org. a voice through Berklee’s SGA

Equitable -- Ensure that our subcommittee can support student organizations by a scale based on need while all communities are represented equally.


- Do you feel represented in this goal? 

- Is there something we are missing? 

- Are there other concerns that you would like us to bring up that are not listed here?

Thanks for submitting!

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