Specific -- Deliver accessible information to the student body on the main functions of public safety within the hybrid model and bring any concerns from the student body to the department. 


Measurable -- Have one meeting per month with subcommittee members and one meeting with the full group, totalling to 3 meetings each throughout the spring semester.


Achievable -- Prepare with an internal meeting to inform the direction of the conversation w/ public safety. Maintain contact with Captain Foley, Chief Ransom and Robert Chambers. Maintain push of information.


Relevant -- Transitioning to a hybrid semester, it is important for students to know how Public Safety is engaging with and assisting students in both online and in person activities. Their roles need to be clarified to all students at Berklee. 


Time-Bound -- Release one information post per month, and deliver on all 3 transparency points in more detail by the close of the academic year (Spring 2021). 


Inclusive -- Use a town hall event with Public Safety to ensure that many students are able to have a voice with the department and access to the information provided. 

& Use the Student Newsletter services (through Jackson and Taylor) to get information sent out in that way to all students once a month after meetings. 

Equitable -- Use information from public safety to ensure transparency with the student body regarding the allocation of resources. Hold them accountable with monthly check-ins to ask them what steps they are taking to practice anti-racism and decentralizing their authority.


- Do you feel represented in this goal? 

- Is there something we are missing? 

- Are there other concerns that you would like us to bring up that are not listed here?

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