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Specific -- Monitor the accuracy and efficiency of communication across campus, especially as it pertains to Financial Aid and Student Accounts. Continue to press for transparency from Administration, and utilize Berklee’s Core Values as reference for administrative accountability. 


Measurable -- Compile a document with student feedback concerning Aramark’s relationship with Berklee and quality by the end of the Fall 2021 semester, and create a document containing framework for divestment or other alternatives by the end of the Fall 2021 semester. 


Achievable -- Meet with the Financial Services & Student Accounts team at least once per semester, and with Mac Hisey at least once by March 2022. Meet with Aramark representatives and Berklee leadership involved with the Aramark contract twice semesterly.


Relevant -- Berklee finances and relations with outside organizations impacts every Berklee student; clear and timely financial information is of utmost importance, and ensuring that students’ values are represented by organizations Berklee affiliates itself with or contracts is of utmost importance.


Time-Bound -- Conduct profound investigation of Berklee’s contract with Aramark and engage in frequent dialogue with related parties by the end of Fall 2021. Any plans regarding divestment from Aramark should be fully designed and ready for launch by the end of Spring 2022.


Inclusive -- Frequently include student and faculty feedback through measurable surveys on topics concerning the Berklee community including Aramark relations and student scholarships.

Equitable -- Monitor and request statistics on the status of financial aid disbursements for students who identify as minority or of underrepresented communities. Extend this surveillance to both current and prospective students throughout the larger Berklee institution. As for food-service contracting, engage in dialogue with local food service providers to brainstorm and develop a self-operated food service structure.

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